How to Recycle and Earn in Nigeria

Recycling has become a hot topic of conversation lately and for good reason. It helps prevent waste from ending in landfills and polluting our streets and presents an opportunity for everyone to earn and positively impact their environment.

Recycling in Nigeria
Woman sorting recyclable items

Yes, that includes you!

As a clean-tech company, we are committed to promoting the habit of recycling in Nigeria. Allowing individuals and businesses to sell scrap materials like plastic, carton, aluminium, paper, old household appliances & more at premium prices. 

Whether you are a:

  • Small business owner 
  • Enterprise organizations, 
  • Or even an individual who frequently generates waste at home

It is crucial to understand effective waste management. Not only does it contribute to environmental protection, but it can also yield long-term savings and earnings.

But what happens once you have recycled a significant amount of items? This is where Scrapays comes in. We offer a convenient solution that allows you to sell your recyclable materials at premium prices. To get started, simply follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Sort: Begin by sorting your materials into different categories based on their material type. PET bottles, cartons, copper, aluminium, paper, old household appliances, and other recyclable items should be separated accordingly. This initial sorting step is vital to facilitate efficient recycling and ensure that each material can be processed appropriately.
  2. Request Pickup: As a Household waste producer or business owner, you can easily request a pickup for your sorted recyclable materials via USSD (*347*477#) or our self-service platform on WhatsApp (08093333477). 

While for enterprises like manufacturing companies, distribution companies, or corporate organizations, initiating the recycling process is as simple as sending an email to our Business Development team ( with information regarding the volume and types of recyclable materials you generate and our team will provide you with a personalized solution in line with your company objectives. 

  1. Get paid: Once your recyclable materials have been weighed, picked up or dropped off, you’re immediately credited via the Scrapays wallet. Funds credited to your Scrapays wallet can be transferred to your bank accounts, withdrawn through mobile money agents, or used to buy airtime & pay bills.

Scrapays takes charge to ensure the materials are properly disposed of. By selling your materials to us, not only are you actively contributing to a cleaner environment, but you are also earning money in return. We offer competitive prices for your materials, ensuring that your recycling efforts are duly rewarded.

Recycling is a collective endeavour requiring individuals, businesses, and enterprises’ participation. By working together, we can make a significant impact on waste reduction and preserve our environment for future generations to come.

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