How we facilitate the Recovery of Recyclable Waste using USSD

Unlock True Convenience, explore our USSD Platform *347*477#

In today’s fast-paced digital world, convenience is king, and access to recycling services is no exception. As a leading player in the industry, we aim to provide accessible and efficient recycling solutions for users. Among our interconnected touch points is the USSD platform designed to meet the immediate needs of our users.

Once you’ve created an account, you can access our USSD menu. So what’s possible on Scrapays USSD?

1. Make Pickup Requests:

Once you’ve recycled large quantities of PET bottles, cans, papers & more.  Dial *347*477#, enter 1, select your location, and you’ll be paired with an agent in your area. If the agent near your home isn’t available to attend to your request, you will be provided with a list of other agents nearby that you can contact to pick up your materials or you can also drop off the materials at their collection centre. Either way, you get paid for your waste. Some of the materials Scrapays recycles are PET bottles, cartons, cans, papers, used generators, fridges, washing machines and more.

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2. View Pricelist:

At Scrapays, we believe in providing you with competitive market prices for your recyclable waste. With our USSD service, you can easily check the real-time pricing before placing a pickup request, ensuring that you have an accurate estimate of your earnings. To access this option, enter 2 in the space provided.

Scrap Materials Pricelist
Scrap Materials Pricelist

3. Access Wallet Balance:

As long as you’re a registered Scrapays user. You can access your Scrapays wallet balance via USSD. All you have to do is enter 3 and your 4-digit PIN. 

4. Recharge Mobile Phone:

If you need to quickly top-up your own or someone else’s mobile line, you can do so easily as long as you have enough funds in your account. To access this option, press 4.

5. Transfer Funds:

Once you register on Scrapays’ USSD platform, a digital wallet is automatically created for you, including a PIN to protect it. With the Scrapays wallet, you can send and receive funds from other wallet users, bank accounts and mobile money merchants. To transfer funds, enter 5 and follow the prompts. 

So when next you’re out of data, need to make a pickup request or access your wallet and more, simply dial *347*477#. Being environmentally conscious and earning is that easy.

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