Start and Grow a Mini-recycling Business in Nigeria

The beauty of entrepreneurship is that as long as there is a problem to be fixed, a business opportunity lurks, and the waste management sector is no exception.

It is a huge and growing market with so many opportunities for entrepreneurs to get involved, and with Scrapays, you can start your recycling business seamlessly. From;

  • Tools – Mobile app
  • Assets – Scale, banner, jumbo sacks, physical fliers & e-flyers
  • Expertise – The knowledge you need to start your recycling business.
  • Customers – Waste producer & collectors traffic directed to your outlet

We provide 70% of what you need to launch your mini-recycling business.

Who Are Scrapays Agents?

Individuals trained and equipped by Scrapays to start their mini-recycling business. They earn by temporarily storing scrap materials collected from waste producers or collectors around them.

They are the point of call for waste producers or collectors in every community, whatever waste is being generated in that community is bought and stored by Scrapays agents.

In a sense, they are eco-heroes, because normally these wastes are disposed of badly, but when an agent is in a community, they provide a means for individuals in the community to earn from selling their scrap.

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Requirements To Become an Agent

  1. Space: You simply need a covered space capable of storing up to 1 ton of waste
  2. Capital: In case you were wondering how much it costs to start a recycling business it’s as low as N50,000
  3. Time & Commitment: To grow your business, you need to spare some time and be committed
  4. Mobile phone & Data: This is needed to use the Scrapays App, the ultimate tool for managing your recycling business.

Who are Waste Producers & Collectors?

Waste producers are individuals who generate waste on a day-to-day basis. Imagine a family of 5 who consumes 3 packs of noodles monthly, 5 packs of bottled water, lotions containers with broken plastic chairs, bailers, buckets and kegs. That’s why we call them waste producers.

While collectors are individuals who go around gathering scrap materials from waste producers or locations around them and take them to a recycling collection centre to sell.

Onboarding Process for Scrapays Agents

Step 1 – Download the Scrapays App: Install the Scrapays App from Play Store, signup and complete your KYC. The KYC process is straightforward and seamless. If you provide accurate details, you are immediately verified, if not, an account officer will reach out to help resolve whatever issues you are facing.

Step 2 – Get trained: One simply can’t start a business without an understanding of how the business works. Our training provides you with all the knowledge required to run a successful recycling business. And for better assimilation, they are conducted in multiple formats.

  • Physically: You pick a convenient date and meet up at the training centre.
  • In-app: Access our knowledge base directly on the Scrapays App
  • Virtual: Join our live online training.

Step 3 – Fund your wallet: Fund your wallet with your working capital, this will be used to pay for scrap materials to be collected like PET bottles, papers, cartons, cans, aluminium, copper, metals & More.

Step 4 – Pick up your Assets: Pickup your IOT scale, banners & flyers at our office or request for them to be way billed to you.

Step 5: Start collecting, storing & earning: At this point, operations begin and start growing your 6-figure income recycling business.

Day Operations of a Scrapays Agent

In case you are wondering what exactly you’ll be doing as a Scrapays Agent, we’ve got you covered.

  1. You are paired with a waste producer/collector or you source for materials in your community
  2. As shown in your training, use your scale to weigh the sorted scrap materials
  3. Once you are done weighing all the available materials, pay the waste producer or collector
  4. You repeat this process until you have stored up to 800KG and request for an offtake. There are two offtake options available:
  • Scrapays Truck: We pick up your items with our truck,
  • Third-party logistics: You make use of third-party logistics to move your stored items to our factory,

Regardless of the option you choose, once the offtake is completed you are reimbursed for capital spent, cost of logistics, profits & bonuses.

Does recycling make money?

Yes, it does, as the owner of a recycling business owner you have no overhead cost. Scrap is your commodity and it’s all around us. Depending on the quantity and type of scrap you are able to store monthly, you can earn up to N150,000 to N 200, 000 monthly from recycling. Your profit margin is 25-37% of your startup cost or 75% if you also provide a collection service.

Do you already run a recycling business?

Here is why you should become a Scrapays Agent and maximise your business profits.

  1. Automated processes: The Scrapays app has a wide catalogue of scrap items with pricing per kilogram in-line with the best rates in the market. You simply connect the scale to the app, measure, get the correct price, weight and pay your customer.
  2. Traffic: We direct waste producer and collector traffic directed to your outlet. Just like Bolt drivers earn with their cars. You earn with the space in your home or shop.
  3. Constant demand: You are welcome to collect and store as much scrap materials as you can. We will always be there to pick it up or receive it as long as they are materials we process at our factory.
  4. Rewards & bonuses: Scrapays Agents earn bonuses for referrals and are rewarded when they hit scrap storage milestones monthly.
  5. Community: When you become a Scrapays Agent, you are joining a community of over 1000+ agents across Nigeria. So what are you waiting for? Sign up as a Scrapays Agent TODAY!

When you are ready to take the first step towards doing more for your community as a local recycling business owner and earning while doing so. We will be there with you every step of the way.

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